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Film Scoring & Orchestration

Professionally Written and Rendered Soundtracks and Music Production

Looking for carefully crafted cues for your film, video game, or advertisement? Do you want to add strings, a horn section or other arranged elements to your studio album?

Sam is a well-versed composer and arranger, comfortable writing for ensembles as varied as orchestras, chamber ensembles, pop horn sections, jazz bands, and rock 4-pieces. Sam's ultimate goal is to make your vision come true and make your creation sound the best it possibly can! Upon completion of the commission, you'll be provided with accurately notated sheet music, professionally rendered sample-based tracks, or high-quality audio recordings; whatever works best for you!

Please don't hesitate to reach out about your project. All proposals are welcomed. You can reach Sam at sam.bishoff@gmail.com.

License Sam's Music: Pond5